Company Information

Nimble Infoweb is one of the leading offshore outsourcing company of India which concentrates on competence, quality and punctuality! Based in Delhi (NCR), India, we have a multitude of skilled and experienced employees to carry out all types of technical and non technical assignments with utmost perfection. Our employees can do all the tasks related to the computer without any supervision.

The Specific Features of Nimble Infoweb includes –

  • Providing Specialized Services at Low Cost
  • Providing Dedicated and Efficient Virtual Employees
  • High Quality Performance and Prompt Delivery
  • Providing Workforce for both Short Term as well as Long Term Projects
  • Saving on Money, Time and Infrastructure
  • Contributing to Increased Productivity in Less Investment

The Nimble Infoweb can be perceived as a remote extension of your local office. Today, the internet has given us the privilege to have a direct interaction and collaboration with your employee living here in India. The Dedicated Employee is skilled to take up a computing job related to any field like Legal, Medical and many more.

The Key To Success – Dedication & Hardwork

The Nimble Infoweb has a huge assemblage of qualified Indian employees who are dedicated and sincere towards their job. They work extremely hard to carry out the job at hand with complete perfection. Our company equips them with the best possible infrastructure and an undisturbed atmosphere at our office to carry out the job efficiently.


The Nimble Infoweb gives our clients the conviction to rely on us when it comes Professionalism. We are extremely professional in all our dealings. You can completely trust our Outsourcing Expertise.

Apart from providing you with a skilled workforce, we have a streamline 5 Step procedure to serve you in the best possible way. We have the following staff to supervise the specific employee on a project –

  • HR Team – To provide you with the suitable workforce within a specific time frame.
  • Project Manager – This person is responsible for supervising the job.
  • IT Team – It is appointed to solve IT issues
  • Accounts Department – It is responsible for paying for the employee on your behalf.
  • Administration Department – It maintains the leave records of the Employee.

“The Nimble Infoweb relieves the client from all the tensions regarding the specific assignment. The client can freely concentrate on other affairs of their business thereby giving a competitive edge to the company”

Ask for the best price quote or mail us your requirements, we will respond back to your queries within 24 hours.